There are five genre categories to inspire the direction of your film, as well as five special categories.

Genre Categories

In this category, we’re looking for films that tugs on our heartstrings, that explores the human experience and real-life issues, that feature characters that we won’t forget. Be powerful, whimsical, sentimental, or nostalgic, but make it moving.
In this catgory, we’re looking for films that split our sides. Straddle the ridiculous and the sublime, explore everyday struggles, or give us a show about nothing. You can be technically sharp or loose and lo-fi, just make us laugh; make us laugh so much we cry.
In this category, we’re looking for films that explore something real. Yes, they need to be non-fiction, but give us something we can connect with, that inspires, that provokes, that teaches. Previous winners have examined everything from a musician’s connection to his guitar to the art of making a donut.
In this category, we’re looking for animative magic. Films can be stop motion, computer animated or hand-drawn (if you’ve got the time!). Previous winners have been cute and quirky, turned the mundane into the magnificent, and made sci-fi dreams a reality.
In this category, we’re looking for behind-the scenes films that are as good as their accompanying feature. They can be entertaining or educational, as long as we get an insight into how you made your film. And remember, you need to show us a RØDE product in action!

Special Categories

This is the big one! The main prize. We have three amazing judges on the panel, each from a different filmmaking background. They will be looking for films that make them go “wow”. Impress them.
This one is simple: the film with the most votes wins. Share your film with your family, friends and fans, launch a marketing campaign, shout from the top of a building – do what it takes to get your film out there.
It wouldn’t be a RØDE film competition without a sound design category. Sound designers need to be as creative as they are technically proficient, and this category considers both with equal weight.
If you’re a young gun filmmaker, this category is for you. Your film can be in any genre or style, it just has to show us your full potential. Previous winners have gone on to do some incredible things. Where will it take you?
This year there are also a prizes for the best film from China!